Meet Our Team: Kevin Geason

The Meet Our Team blog series gives you an inside look into our team members’ careers, exciting new projects, history with KFI, and a general introduction to some of our key players! We hope you enjoy this, and many more blogs, that give you a better idea of the people behind the operation here at KFI.

Our fourth installation in the Meet Our Team series features our Director of Automotive Sales, Kevin Geason. Kevin oversees both our TriEnda and Penda automotive teams and has made a big impression on many in the business over the past year!

Q: What is your job title?

A: I am the Director of Automotive Sales for both Penda and TriEnda.

Q: How long have you been with KFI?

A:  1 year.

Q: What do your day-to-day responsibilities look like?

A: I am responsible for both the TriEnda Automotive Material Handling and Penda Automotive Sales teams. I work closely with our Marketing and Engineering teams in an effort to further develop our Value Proposition to a mix of both existing and new customers. There is a high level of focus on the New Product Development side of our business in an ongoing effort to further build Brand Recognition.

Q: What is your favorite part of working for KFI?

A:  The passion for our customers that is shared across the organization. Just as important is the overall internal culture that promotes collaboration while also making sure we are all accountable to one another.

Q: Can you share a project that your department accomplished that you feel proud of?

A: As an organization, we have a high level of expertise in the Electric Vehicle battery pack space. It is truly a combined effort across the organization which includes all departmental functions of KFI. If we all didn’t share the same level of passion for creating value for our customers, we would not be seen as industry experts in this market.

Q: How does your department embody KFI’s values?

A:   Constantly moving the needle relative to both book of business but also our opportunity pipeline.

Q: What is your favorite memory from working at KFI?

A: In the short time that I have been on board, it is very clear that this is truly a family.  Bottom line, we win (and learn from challenges) together.

Kevin is one of our newest directors and yet has made a huge impact on our business and our teams over the last year. By embodying KFI’s values and fostering a positive work environment, Kevin has quickly become a pivotal part of our KFI team. Interested in being a part of our team? Apply today, we can’t wait to meet you!