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We’re Making Emergency Hospital Beds To Aid COVID-19 Efforts

We’ve joined forces to respond immediately to the global health crisis with a newly developed product offering: a low-cost and easily assembled Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed. These beds that can be used by healthcare facilities across the United States and the world, and we are on track to begin production in the coming days.

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Benefits of Virtual Reality in Industrial Design

If we said that you could see your material handling solutions come to life before they are manufactured, would you believe us? In this post, we’ll dive into the benefits of virtual reality (VR) in industrial design, and provide insight into our process, the experience you can expect, and how we’re putting VR to work.

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Meet the Women in Manufacturing at TriEnda

The number of women in manufacturing is growing.

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of women and all they do. As a plastics manufacturer dedicated to the continued growth of women in manufacturing, we honor our female team in this tribute featuring their own words.

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Is Plastic Product Prototyping Worth Your Time and Money?

Prototyping is absolutely worth the investment for any custom application. Combined with a thorough sample test run, prototyping can be particularly helpful before making a significant change to your packaging supply chain, for example, switching from wood to plastic pallets.

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Are You Valuing Plastic vs. Wood Pallets Fairly?

Companies that use pallets as part of their supply chain face a choice between plastic vs. wood pallets. Often, price is one of the critical factors in this decision process—and rightly so, as savvy buyers want to keep expenses low. However, plastic pallets have benefits that go beyond first-cost evaluation. Learn more here.

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