CAD/CAM applications allow our programmers to visualize the custom product during the programming stage.

Engineering and Design

The largest engineering team in the industry with diverse experience not only in thermoforming plastics but also component design and mating accessories. Solutions address specific customer concerns be it product damage, shipping density or cost reductions related to expendable packaging.



reduces development time and costs. Developers receive quantifiable user feedback. Facilities system implementation.

Machine Tooling

In-house tool repair, forming gauge/material thickness .060-.450.

Plastic Material Handling Products Cover Artwork


Material Handling and Custom Thermoformed Solutions; Plastic Material Handling Products Application & Performance Guide.

Published 1994© by Henry Brown and Trienda.

This definitive guide educates the plastic material handling industry on the subjects of plastic products, performance ratings (i.e. fork, floor, rack, conveyor, etc.), manufacturing processes and application analysis. The goal: To formulate a clear definition on plastic product performance.


Performance Testing

TriEnda's pallet performance abilities are tested and measured to perform by maintaining the rated load distributed through an air bag or other means for a period of 96 hours at 72 degrees F in a special machine which collects data (measured in pounds) at regular intervals.

Service that Stands Out

TriEnda project managers provide continuous personalized support to ensure your project meets and/or exceeds your expectations.

Our specialists use their engineering, material handling, packaging and logistics expertise to increase the overall effectiveness of your reusable packaging goals.

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