Custom Resin Blends

Proprietary resin custom blends: HDPE, TPO, ABS, GFPP, PC/ABS, LLDPE, PET and TPU. Sophisticated hardware and software for material composition testing. Volumetric blenders support each line for enhance blending capabilities.

Extruding Excellence

In-house extrusion with single and multi-layered co-extrusion and lamination capabilities.

The process of extrusion is when plastic resin is converted from solid to liquid.



Single and twin sheet construction capabilities. Platen size capacity—the largest in the industry.

Single sheet thermoforming process: extruded sheet is heated and positioned over a horizontally oriented mold and sealed at its perimeter.

Twin sheet process thermoforming (TTF) process: heats two extruded sheets, on two individual molds, positioned horizontally; one above the other.


Diverse locations provide a wide range of capabilities to assemble simple to complex components.


Exceeding Expectations

Utilizing cutting-edge processes, thermoforming and sheet extrusion, TriEnda is able to meet your product demands, on time and on budget.

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