Big Pak® Sleeve Packs

Featuring high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction. Lightweight for better ergonomics. Low profile minimizes storage space and reduces shipping cost.


ISPM 15 exempt.

Mirror Image pallet and lid are interchangeable.

Conveyable model with lid.

BP4048B SP 40" x 48" 6.38"
BP4448B SP 44" x 48" 6.125"
BP4454B SP 44" x 54" 6.375"
BP4548 SP 45" x 48" 6.625"
BP4048 W DTP DTC 40" x 48" 5.875"
BP4048 W TP TC (Conveyable) 40" x 48" 6.125"


Sleeves: Fiberboard Z-fold, Twin Sheet Thermoformed or Fluted Plastic.

Locking Options: Ever-LOK2® and more

Ever Lok® 2
Ever Lok® 2
Peanut Lock
Peanut Lock
Sleeve Options
Sleeve Options