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TriEnda and Good360: A partnership in Charity

TriEnda has donated 5,000 emergency mattresses to be distributed by charity organization Good360.

TriEnda created emergency hospital beds during the Covid-19 Pandemic to help accommodate the overcrowding in medical facilities. After the pandemic, the company had mattresses that were no longer needed. The TriEnda  team still wanted the product to be used to help those in need, after connecting with Good360 both teams realized that a lot of people could be helped quickly and comfortably with the partnership.

Based on the size and specifications of the mattresses, Good360 found locations and organizations that were most in need of mattresses to provide a safe and comfortable place for those in crisis to rest. The five-thousand mattresses have now been allocated and shipped.  We will be posting updates as the products are deployed in the field and used for those in need. We are excited to see the impact that this $500,000 donation has on these crisis organizations and the communities they serve.