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Industry-Leading Thermoforming Solutions

Manufacturing and Material Handling

Global manufacturer of thermoformed packaging, automotive 
and material handling solutions. 

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What we do

TriEnda is a U.S. based global manufacturer of thermoformed packaging and material handling solutions. With a heritage of over 40 years of industry expertise, excellent custom designs, and experienced teams, TriEnda leads the thermoforming industry in innovation and service.

As the industry’s largest thermoformer, we also lead the market in providing single and twin sheet thermoformed plastic solutions to the material handling and packaging industries. With experience working alongside grocery, food service, retail, automotive, government, and healthcare organizations, TriEnda has a multitude of products already created and ready-to-ship alongside our custom solutions created by our experienced engineering and design teams.

Explore our capabilities, ask about our custom solutions, and upgrade your material handling experience by working with TriEnda.


Highest COF available on the market using proprietary rubber-like material.


Low profile minimizes storage space and reduces shipping cost.


Strong HDPE Construction. Ideal for small deliveries.


Compatible with conveyor systems and automated material handling.

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Featured Products
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Industries Served


Whether you’re an automotive manufacturer or tier buyer, we have in-stock or custom polyethylene (HDPE) products for your needs.

Retail & Government

From managing quality, purchasing, or production, we will guide you to the best packaging and material handling options to meet your specification and expectations.

Food Industry

Our cost-effective high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cold chain packaging and material handling solutions are designed for protection, sustainability, efficiency, and automation.

For over 40 years TriEnda’s experienced team of professionals has been leading the way in material handling solutions and custom products.

Our award-winning process and design solutions including patents on several innovative and cost-effective products allows our customers to trust the quality of every TriEnda product. Our organization is committed to quality, and proud to be ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

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