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Common Questions

Yes! TriEnda has an engineering and design team with over 40 years of experience. Between our design engineers and Studio 540 industrial design team, TriEnda is well equipped to take on any project you have in mind. Learn More.

Our sales team at TriEnda has years of experience in creating and fitting organizations, in a multitude of industries, with the pallet size and capacity that works best for each organization’s needs.

TriEnda is one of North America’s largest heavy-gauge thermoformers. We have an experienced engineering department and design team that is available to help design your next idea. We manage the entire manufacturing process because we extrude our own sheet and pelletize our resin.

  • Single Sheet Thermoforming: This process creates a sanitary light weight plastic product.
  • Twin Sheet Thermoforming: This process uses two flat sheets of plastic to combine to make a pallet, tray, or cart.
  • Injection Molded: This process uses a large mold to make a plastic part.

This varies dramatically between different types of pallets. TriEnda offers light duty pallets, heavy duty pallets, and stackable pallets to meet the many demands of a variety of industries. Please look at the specifications provided or contact our sales team to understand the specific weight rating on each pallet that we offer.

  • Dynamic Weight Rating: This is the weight that the pallet can hold when it is in motion.
  • Static Weight Rating: This is the weight that the pallet can hold when it is motionless.

Please reach out to our sales department for an interactive ROI calculator link that will quickly and accurately determine the savings when switching to plastic pallets.

This varies between TriEnda’s different types of pallets and the quantity that you require. Please reach out to our sales team to get you all the information you need.

We do stock some of our more popular pallets and can ship immediately, but please reach out to our sales team for a more accurate lead time.

We can manufacture many types of plastic, but some of the most common are High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

Yes, we are can match and manufacture any color pallet or tray that you would like.

TriEnda focuses on material handling solutions including battery packs, pallets, carts, sleeve packs, cargo protection systems, room dividers, wheel packs, and hospital beds. However, with TriEnda’s extensive team of experts in the thermoforming industry no project is out of the question. We thrive on problem solving, intricate design, and out-of-the-box thinking, so send our sales team any questions you have about our capabilities.

Yes, almost all our battery pack projects are custom. We have a sales team specifically dedicated to battery packaging that have years of experience with UN certification, lithium-ion battery packaging, and battery container systems.