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Custom Material Handling

Thermoforming Services

To create high-quality products, we offer solutions at every step. 

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Build Process
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We have one of the largest engineering teams in the industry with diverse experience in thermoforming plastics, component design, and mating accessories. Our custom material handling solutions address specific customer concerns, such as product damage, shipping density, or cost reductions related to expendable packaging.

CAD/CAM applications allow our programmers to visualize the custom product during the programming stage.

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Our in-house extrusion and thermoforming processes save both time and money. They promise unrivaled benefits, including quality, greater flexibility, and precise customization to meet the specific needs of our customers. We offer both single and twin sheet construction thermoforming capabilities and have the largest platen size capacity in the industry to accommodate a wide range of products.

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Is off-the-shelf packaging not suitable for your shipping and storage needs? Call on our top-notch engineering team to carefully design the precise solutions you need to protect and transport your cargo. With our material handling services, we’ll create custom packaging solutions based on your exact usage requirements to maximize performance while keeping long-term costs down.

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Our in-house machine tool repair is one of our material handling services that ensures your tools remain production-ready. Experience minimal disruption or downtime with our convenient, streamlined process. Available services include machining, welding, fabrication, upgrades, modifications, maintenance, and repairs.

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Reduce development time and costs and ensure a smooth rollout of your custom plastic products by investing in prototyping. Our highly skilled engineering team works closely with you from concept and design to testing and implementation to guarantee you’re satisfied before making any substantial system changes.
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We test and measure our material handling solutions for performance by maintaining the rated load distributed through an airbag or other means for 96 hours at 72 degrees F in a special machine that collects data (measured in pounds) at regular intervals.


Our material handling services project managers provide continuous personalized support to ensure your project meets and exceeds your expectations. Our specialists use their engineering, material handling, packaging, and logistics expertise to increase the overall effectiveness of your reusable packaging goals. Call us today and experience the TriEnda difference.

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The TriEnda Way