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Dunnage & Trays

For decades, manufacturers and distributors accepted product damage, high operating costs, and environmental waste as inevitable in shipping and transportation. Our revolutionary Cargo Protect+ Cargo Protection System has fundamentally changed this outlook.

The automotive industry, with its intricate manufacturing processes and extensive part requirements for vehicle assembly, places a critical emphasis on custom thermoformed products and efficient transportation of components.

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Bulkhead spacers

Energy absorbing
Ergonomic hand holes
Weather & moisture resistant
Splinter-free HDPE material


Strong, secure buffer for pallet loads and packaging
Splinter-free and lightweight HDPE material

void panels

Fail-safe design fills voids
Ergonomic hand holes
Splinter-free and lightweight HDPE material

Plastic Boards

Energy absorbing
Lightweight rigid parts
Ergonomic hand holes
Splinter-free HDPE material

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Custom Automotive Material Handling

Custom Thermoformed Products


AUtomotive Pallets

ISPM 15 Exempt
Impact Absorbing TriMax Design
Fully Nestable
4-Way Forklift and Forkjack Entry

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Easy to Clean
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Custom Thermoformed Solutions

Each industry faces specific challenges and demands to ensure efficiency, safety, and maintain compliance with regulatory standards. With one of the largest and most experienced engineering teams in the industry, we are equipped to design and deliver solutions tailored to your specific industry.

Our expert engineers and designers specialize in creating custom material handling solutions that drive your success. As a leader in plastics manufacturing for more than 40 years, contact us to learn more about how our custom capabilities can serve your industry.