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Automated Systems and Warehousing

Streamlined Thermoformed Solutions

Experience the future of automation and inventory organization.

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Our Expertise

TriEnda specializes in designing and manufacturing warehouse solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business. Our expertise in warehouse optimization ensures that your operations are efficient, cost-effective, and integrated. 

We are committed to delivering quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. Transform your warehouse operations with our expertly crafted storage solutions.

We manufacture standard and custom solutions to help your system and warehousing needs with a wide variety of pallets and metal racking options.

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Automated Systems and Warehousing



bulk bag pallet

Bulk Bag Pallet


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Custom Warehouse Solutions

Transform your warehouse operations with our expertly crafted thermoformed systems and dynamic storage solutions, designed to boost efficiency and enhance workflow.

We offer many different types of custom system and warehousing solutions:

1. Injection Molded Pallets

These heavy-duty industrial plastic pallets and lids are rackable and nestable for easy transportation and storage. Easy-grip loops and a 4-way forklift and forkjack entry improve usage and mobility.

2. Systems Pallet

Our Systems Pallets are available in five standard sizes and can be customized to fit your needs. These nestable plastic pallets are engineered to be compatible with conveyor systems and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). Steel, aluminum, or other substrates can be encapsulated for additional support with conveyors and racking systems.

3. Bulk Bag Pallet

Improve stacking security and storage capacity of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) or bulk bags with our advanced Bulk Bag Pallet. Providing superior protection between bags and fork tines, these plastic pallets are lightweight for easy handling. Their heavy-duty HDPE construction improves durability and eliminates damaging nails and splinters without dramatically increasing shipping and storage weight. Raised and flat decks are interchangeable with a simple flip. Bulk Bag Pallets are custom-built for 5:1 and 6:1 rated bags and can be used with standard conveyor systems.

4. Metal Racking

TriEnda’s custom racks are designed to accommodate heavy loads, such as engines, and transmissions, safely and efficiently.  With TriEnda’s extensive design and engineering capabilities we can create a solution that meets the needs of your next project.  

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