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hospital bed

Quick Action Emergency Relief Products for Covid-19

hospital bed

Amid the global pandemic, we were called upon to meet an unprecedented challenge: the potential shortage of emergency hospital beds. By creating a strategic partnership with our sister brand, Penda, creating innovative design, and working for quick production Kruger Family Industries was able to deliver an affordable, durable Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed. Following the logical need for socially distanced and virus-safe spaces, we also created custom room dividers as a sanitary solution for disaster relief environments and businesses requiring safety barriers.

As the COVID-19 virus reached the United States and began to spread rapidly, national and global health officials came to a clear conclusion: without intervention, hospitals and health care facilities would face extreme shortages of critical supplies. This included protective gear, medical equipment, and hospital beds. As the number of infected patients rose, health care professionals raced to stock up in preparation for the worst-case scenarios modeled by public health experts.

Another challenge for many area businesses reopening after COVID-19 shutdowns centered on keeping their environments sanitary and patrons safely distanced. Restaurants, salons, and offices desperately sought out affordable solutions that would allow them to open for business while ensuring they abide by the necessary safety precautions.

After healthcare officials put out warnings of hospital bed shortages, we formed a critical partnership with our sister brand Penda, which is also part of parent company Kruger Family Industries (KFI). Acutely aware of the need for immediate action, our engineering and product development teams quickly got to work designing the new durable, cost-effective, easy-to-assemble Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed. Teaming up the expertise of both TriEnda and Penda enabled us to leverage our collective skills and knowledge to quickly assess the situation and find a strategic solution.

To improve comfort and safety in alternative care environments and other businesses, we also developed affordable, easy to assemble and install Custom Room Dividers. They offer a sanitary option for privacy not only in disaster relief environments and crowded care facilities, but also lend safe social distance barriers in barbershops, salons, restaurants, offices, and more.


Humanitarian bed

When accounting for the critical care environments in which emergency hospital relief beds and wall dividers would be used, our designers knew they had to focus on several essential factors including safety and durability, ease of assembly, comfort and safety, and affordability.

The Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed and Custom Wall Dividers are easy to sanitize and disinfect due to the smooth, simple-to-clean surfaces. The bed’s thick, 6” hospital-grade mattress has a removable plastic covering with a zipper. Crafted with strong HDPE surface areas and heavy-duty powder-coated steel frames, the relief beds are built to last. Sturdy extruded aluminum metal supports and HDPE walls provide long-lasting durability for room dividers as well.

During a health crisis, we knew it was essential that anyone on staff could complete a fast and easy setup of this product. Emergency hospital beds can be quickly assembled on-site in just a few minutes without using any tools or having specialized knowledge. Our engineering and quality teams have determined a single room with three standard walls can be set up and ready within 15 minutes using standard tools.

The emergency hospital bed product features multi-position back support up to 800 lbs to provide comfort and safety for every patient. Swing-arm side rails allow health care providers easy access to patients and a safety lock for patient security, as needed. Built-in IV bag stand placements and strategically placed handles make it easier to move beds around without the hassle of separate IV stands. Additionally, the bed’s height is ergonomically designed to better support the comfort of patients and health care workers.

Our emergency relief products are low-cost to remain accessible for most organizations. The beds and collapsible partitions can be nested and stacked to save space, and then, they can be quickly re-assembled and reused in case of future emergencies.

To date, we’ve shipped thousands of our emergency hospital beds to medical facilities across North America. We are also continually processing custom wall divider orders to serve other locations in the United States and overseas.

“Not only are we grateful to have items as useful as this as we plan for future surges in patients, but we are also so proud that it was created and manufactured in our very own town,” says Dr. Joshua Pogorelec, General Surgeon and Surgical Services Medical Director at Aspirus Divine Savior in Portage, WI, home to the TriEnda and Penda headquarters.

When nearly 150 beds arrived at Home Base Veteran and Family Care in Massachusetts, Senior Director of Development Dan Arkins said, “[I] Can’t believe how easy they were to assemble. Feedback from the clinical staff has been very positive. You guys have been great to work with.”

If you’re looking for affordable, durable solutions to protect the health and safety of patients, customers, and employees, choose TriEnda. High-quality, low-cost solutions like Emergency & Disaster Relief Beds and Custom Wall Partitions are in-stock and ready for immediate shipping. Contact our sales team online or call 800.356.8150 today to learn how we can support disaster relief efforts at your organization.