How Kruger Family Industries Prioritizes Sustainability

KFI Sustainability

What is Sustainability?

When you hear the word sustainability, what comes to mind? Most people associate the word with long lasting or environmentally friendly. Now, when you hear the word plastic, do you think of sustainability? In this article we are going to discuss the sustainability of plastic pallets, the effects of environmentally friendly high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products, and ways companies can become sustainability focused.


Advantages of Sustainable Plastic Packaging

As a plastic manufacturing company, Kruger Family Industries makes it a goal to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as

Thermoforming Productionpossible. This starts with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products and swapping expendable packaging with reusable packaging.

Our reusable packaging products and truck accessories are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. Due to the recycling capabilities of our plastic products, this means there is 86% less solid waste found in landfills. Not only will this create a safer and cleaner environment, but it is the future of reusable packaging.

Once wooden pallets reach the end of their life, there really is no more use for them. Reusable plastic saves 40% of trees from wooden pallet production. Making plastic packaging a more efficient product. Plastic pallets are more durable and last much longer than wooden pallets, making them a more sustainable choice for shipping.


How to Become a Sustainability Focused Company

Becoming a sustainability focused company seems like an easy job, but it takes time and commitment. Companies that want to prioritize sustainability need to make yearly goals to increase sustainability. It will take little steps every single day, but with a lot of hard work it is possible.

Here are some examples of steps companies can take to become a more sustainability focused business:

  • Use 100% recyclable materials
  • Switch from expendable packaging to reusable packaging
  • Consider waste management alternatives
  • Set goals with sustainability at the top of mind
  • Educate your employees and reevaluate your supply chain

Looking for more information? Check out how Kruger Family Industries focuses on sustainability and more by visiting our website to learn more about our custom capabilities.