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TriEnda boxes on pallets

Advantages of Load Lockers

Safeguard your product with TriEnda’s Load Lockers!

Protecting your cargo is what TriEnda is all about, this may be with durable pallets, Cargo Protect+ solutions, or Load Lockers. Our Load Locker boards help you cap, stack, and secure your product pallets for long or short journeys. Let’s take a look at all the advantages of Load Lockers.

Load Locker boards

Precise Design to Save You Money

Our Load Lockers are precisely designed to level your stack. This means that the 40×48 design helps to even loads at greater stack heights and allows for improved storage utilization and transportation safety and efficiency, which saves your organization money. Reduce damaged products and ship more products per truckload? Yes, please!


High Level of Protection

When Load Lockers are positioned as caps on the top of a load it increases protection for the products on that top stack and securely holds the next pallet in the stack in place above. Load Lockers effectively even weight distribution among the entire top layer of product, reducing damage in double and triple stacking storage and transport situations.

TriEnda boxes on pallets

Seamless Integration

These lockers will not interfere with your standard pallet transportation. The Load Locker boards accommodate a 4-way forklift entry, and the shallow deck facilitates maximum fork entry clearance.


Proven Quality and Functionality

Load Locker Boards have been known and used in the material handling industry for almost 30 years which means they have proven that TriEnda quality and functionality is top-of-the-line. Our Load Lockers nest with all of TriEnda’s 9 leg pallets as well as many other similar pallets in the industry. 

load lockers

If you’re ready to safeguard your products, maximize truckloads, and save money then contact TriEnda today to easily integrate Load Lockers into your material handling process. Interested in more cargo protection solutions? Check out our Cargo Protect+ product line!