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reusable plastic crate

Benefits of Switching to Reusable Plastic Pallets and Crates

Explore three reasons to make the switch to these sustainable material handling solutions.

If wooden pallets and corrugate crates or boxes play a starring role in your supply chain, you may be missing out on significant benefits for your bottom line, your handling team, and our planet. Switching to sustainable material handling solutions, such as reusable plastic pallets and crates, is the future of shipping cargo, especially when they can be fully customized to your application. Unlike wooden pallets and corrugate crates, plastic crates offer many benefits, including:

  1. Lower long-term costs
  2. Better ergonomics
  3. Easier on the environment

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of these sustainable material handling solutions

Lower long-term costs

Wooden pallets and corrugate crates and boxes require repairs approximately every 2.5 trips. Their lifespan is short, and their maintenance is costly. While they seem to be the better bargain upon initial purchase, wooden pallets and corrugate crates or boxes actually cost more over the years than reusable plastic pallets and crates, which have a much longer lifespan. So long as these sustainable material handling solutions are properly used in the right environment, they can last up to a decade – or more! How can they last that long? Because these plastic shipping materials are incredibly durable and strong. All the savings you acquire from their repeated use goes directly to your bottom line. And since they do not need regular repairs, they offer a lower cost per trip than corrugate crates and wooden pallets

Better ergonomics 

Reusable plastic pallets and crates are also more desirable options for your handling team than traditional wooden pallets. These custom sustainable material handling solutions are lightweight for better ergonomics and feature a soft surface and corners. Wooden versions are not custom molded to the cargo they carry, so the weight distribution is often awkward and prone to causing muscle damage. Productivity-inhibiting splinters, scrapes, and cuts – sometimes requiring medical attention – are also expected with wooden pallets because of their inherent rough, jagged edges. On the other hand, worker-friendly plastic material handling solutions are lightweight, smooth, attractive, and easily customizable.

Easier on the environment

At one time, around 20% of all trees harvested in the United States were used to create wooden pallets. And when they cannot withstand any further repairs, they often end up in landfills. On the other hand, plastic pallets and custom crates are a more sustainable material handling solution because they are 100% recyclable. No matter how many times a custom plastic crate or pallet has been used, it can still be ground up and molded into a new plastic product. Even after a decade or longer, they can always be used to create new products for future uses. Better still, when you recycle your old fleet of plastic pallets and custom crates, our plastic pallet buy-back program issues a credit that you can apply toward your next order

Reusable plastic pallets and crates are incredibly beneficial for you and the environment. Their longevity and cost-effectiveness pay for themselves quickly, and you can help save your handling team from injuries and reduce costs associated with workman’s comp. Contact our sales team online or call 800.356.8150 today to learn more about plastic pallets and custom crates for your supply chain.