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Bottom-Line Advantages of Plastics Manufacturers with a Large Engineering Team

From quicker turnarounds to more innovative solutions, learn how a greater collaboration of minds can save time and money.

Engineers are central to generating big ideas that propel us forward. As a plastics manufacturer dedicated to innovating material handling solutions for supply chains, we’ve invested in one of the largest engineering teams in the industry to deliver bottom-line benefits for our customers. We caught up with VP of Engineering Frank Greenawalt to help explain just how valuable a greater collaboration of minds can be.

Here are five time- and money-saving advantages that our large engineering team can bring to the table:

  1. Quicker turnarounds
  2. Experienced and diverse perspectives
  3. Collaborative load-optimizing and cargo protection solutions
  4. Access to a wider network of industry experts
  5. Resources and commitment to stay informed

Keep reading below to learn more about these benefits of working with a plastics manufacturer like us with a large engineering team.

Quicker turnarounds

A large staff means that your project won’t be relegated to the bottom of a single engineer’s calendar that’s already filled with multiple jobs. Instead, our engineering team is both agile and systematic in channeling timely deliverables. They follow processes and workflow procedures that funnel work to those who are most capable of assessing and approving the various steps required to get fast results. We also have systems that update the team on status and timelines to help ensure we achieve customer expectations. All these elements add up to quicker concepts, designs, prototypes, pre-production samples, and order fulfillment.

Experienced and diverse perspectives

The value in seeing a scenario from all possible sides is indescribable, but that’s what’s possible with a team boasting a variety of backgrounds and specialties. Our diverse group of plastics manufacturing engineers have many different strengths, skill sets, and passions to contribute to your project, which helps ensure that our ideas are not just another version of the status quo. We have an unprecedented level of expertise and wealth of knowledge in-house, which translates to more inventive solutions and lower research costs.

Collaborative load-optimizing and cargo protection solutions

It’s time for that diversity of experience to get to work for you. No one person has all the answers, so combining a large team’s worth of brainpower ensures that we can provide you with the best solutions possible. Perhaps one of our engineers has experience with your exact situation—or if not, then our team will put their heads together to design a custom solution that will help optimize your load.

For instance, if you’re a grocer transporting watermelons, we won’t sell you square pallets when our engineers have determined that an octagon will hold more units per shipment. And if you transport automotive parts or other fragile cargo, we’ll design a lightweight cargo protection system to decrease the in-transit load shift and reduce the average cost per load.

Whether your application requires a simple or complex solution, a greater collaboration of minds can provide more value.

Access to a wider network of industry experts

When there’s a chance to benefit from outside knowledge or perspectives, our team can draw on a vast network of plastics manufacturer contacts and subject-matter experts. For instance, if there’s a new development in materials technology that might benefit your project, we have access to an unparalleled wealth of connections for valuable, data-driven advice and direction. Building relationships with these industry authorities and tapping into their expertise when we need it helps ensure that we’ll get it right the first time. This time- and money-saving benefit provides a competitive advantage to our customers.

Resources and commitment to stay informed

With a large staff, we have more breathing room for each engineer to divide their time between working on projects and keeping up with information about new and innovative technologies. Our global information network helps us stay on top of the latest industry trends and market developments so that we can apply that innovation to our processes. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that you are getting world-class, cutting-edge solutions based on the most updated information.  These are just some of the advantages of plastics manufacturers with large engineering firms. To explore more about how our team of talented engineers can help you save time and money on your material handling needs, contact our sales team online today, or call 800.356.8150.