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An Overview of TriEnda’s Product Offering

Explore the products we design, manufacture, and distribute here at TriEnda!

As the industry’s leading thermoformer, TriEnda manufactures a multitude of products. With experience in everything from material handling solutions like pallets and sleeve packs, to cargo protection systems and emergency hospital beds, our team is well versed in a variety of products and applications.


TriEnda’s pallets are a testament to our thermoforming process and the strength of our HDPE material. Our variety of pallets have been designed, tested, and improved upon to work in many industries and be a friend to the environment. All our pallets are reusable and 100% recyclable, meaning less waste ends up in the landfill. Let’s take a quick look at some of the different pallets we offer:

  • Distribution Series- These twin sheet plastic pallets are available in five sizes, each equipped with our TriMax™ impact-absorbing design. These are designed with a 4-way forklift and forkjack entry as well as an oval leg design. This series is fully nestable to conserve space and reduce shipping costs.
  • One-Way Pallet- This lightweight pallet has been specifically designed for domestic and global companies looking to avoid the hassle and cost of wooden pallets in one-way shipping. This pallet is sanitary, easy to clean, and ideal for international shipping.
  • Tough Pallet- This powerhouse pallet is created with single sheet HDPE material and has molded-in, no-rust steel bars for added strength and rigidity perfect for the food processing industry.
  • Automotive Pallet- This durable, twin sheet pallet has been designed specifically for the automotive industry. Featuring an anti-jam feature to keep nested pallets from resting on retractors during shipments and constructed with a mirror-image design, these pallets are ready for any automotive organization.
Plastic Pallet
one-way pallets stacked
Tough Pallet bottom side
Automotive Pallet

Sleeve Packs

Reusable bulk containers help lower costs and improve convenience, TriEnda has designed our very own BigPak® Sleeve Packs in a variety of sizes to work for any organization. These lightweight, low-cost bulk containers come with interchangeable pallets and lids and are available in six sizes and configuration options. You can depend on durable, hygienic BigPak® Sleeve Packs to keep your cargo safe over multiple uses, protecting your products and your bottom line.

Big Packs stacked

Wheel Packs

Our automotive material handling team works tirelessly to design and create durable and impact-resistant Wheel Packs. These standard AIAG Wheel Packs are the superior solution for shipping and storing automotive wheel packaging.

PC SERIES wheel pack

Pod Containers

As a long-time leader in automotive material handling solutions, we are revolutionizing plastics packaging with the development of our Battery Packs. TriEnda’s Battery Packs are designed for both standard and EV/Hybrid vehicles and offer total enclosed protection at a lower weight and cost than traditional steel containers.

Battery Pack

Emergency Products

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, it quickly became clear that there was a need for emergency hospital beds and room partitions. The extreme overcrowding in hospitals meant a lack of beds and a lack of space, by partnering with our sister company, Penda, our team created emergency disaster relief beds and room partitions. These beds can be quickly made, are durable and long-lasting, and are easy to sanitize. The wall dividers are similar in that they are simple to clean and crafted with strong HDPE material. 

hospital bed
room partition

While we haven’t covered anywhere close to all the products TriEnda has to offer, we have given you a quick look into the products we make, what we are passionate about, and the industries we have experience in. For a deeper dive into any of these products and more, view our full product brochure or visit our products page!