3 Exclusive Bonuses of Our Pallet Buy-Back Program

pallet buyback program logo

In the world of supply chain management, pallet buy-back programs are becoming increasingly prevalent – and for a good reason. With the rise in eco-conscious pallet suppliers, it takes more than good intentions to protect the planet and profits. Keep reading to learn more about the ways that our pallet buy-back program strives for more.

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Meet the Next Generation of Non-Slip Pallets

plastic pallet

Low friction between pallet top and carton, tote, or other container has caused countless spills, led to many accidents, and cost a great deal of money. The latest discovery of a revolutionary product called TruGrip™ solves this problem. This proprietary plastic formulation increases friction between the top of a pallet and the load placed on it.

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Are You Valuing Plastic vs. Wood Pallets Fairly?

graph showing that plastic pallets last 50 turns and wood last 3

Companies that use pallets as part of their supply chain face a choice between plastic vs. wood pallets. Often, price is one of the critical factors in this decision process—and rightly so, as savvy buyers want to keep expenses low. However, plastic pallets have benefits that go beyond first-cost evaluation. Learn more here.

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