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BigPak Sleeves

Advantages of BigPak® Sleeve Packs

Discover the advantages of the dependable TriEnda BigPak® Sleeve Packs. Among many of TriEnda’s durable, HDPE, material handling
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TriEnda boxes on pallets

Advantages of Load Lockers

Safeguard your product with TriEnda’s Load Lockers! Protecting your cargo is what TriEnda is all about, this may
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Boxes on a One-Way pallet

Advantages of the One-Way Pallet

Learn why the One-Way pallet could change the way your ship products. Looking for a solution to your
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Boxes on a One-Way pallet

Introducing the One-Way Pallet

Meet our material handling solution to serve your one-way shipping needs. Domestic and global companies often need to
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thermoforming tools being made

How Thermoforming Tools Are Made

Exploring the process behind the product; learn more about how thermoforming tools are created. Many times, the process
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rendering software up on a computer screen

CAD: Where Concept Meets Reality

How Computer-Aided Design Programs help create every product at TriEnda. A significant part of our design process here
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the product studio

A Peak into our New Product Development Process

From ideation to creation, a look into how the new product development process works at TriEnda. The new
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TriEnda logo graphic

An Overview of TriEnda’s Product Offering

Explore the products we design, manufacture, and distribute here at TriEnda! As the industry’s leading thermoformer, TriEnda manufactures
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boxes on a cart

Small Spaces, Big Innovation

Why TriEnda’s Small Format suite is a must have material handling solution for tight spaces. TriEnda specializes in
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A Look at the SmartDitch® Product Line

Learn more about the flexible HDPE ditch lining system made by Krueger Family Industries. SmartDitch® is one of
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