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thermoforming tools being made

How Thermoforming Tools Are Made

Exploring the process behind the product; learn more about how thermoforming tools are created. Many times, the process
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rendering software up on a computer screen

CAD: Where Concept Meets Reality

How Computer-Aided Design Programs help create every product at TriEnda. A significant part of our design process here
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the product studio

A Peak into our New Product Development Process

From ideation to creation, a look into how the new product development process works at TriEnda. The new
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Themroforming graphic

Thermoforming Versus Injection Molding

What to take into account when choosing the best plastics process for your next project. As the industry’s
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Thermoforming process

A Day in the Life of a Thermoforming Machine Operator

Explore the day-to-day responsibilities of a Thermoforming Machine Operator. There are so many people, machines, and materials that
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plastic regrinding

Exploring TriEnda’s Plastic Regrind Process

As one of North America’s largest plastic thermoformers, we’ve refined and perfected our plastic regrind processes to ensure
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TriEnda employees working on a plastic pallet

A Day in the Life of a Thermoforming Finisher

Explore the workplace of thermoformed plastic manufacturing by stepping into the shoes of a Finisher at TriEnda. Ever
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plastic pallet

4 Things You Need to Know About Machine Tooling Repair

Discover how our in-house machine tooling repair service works. As a leading plastic pallet manufacturer, our in-house machine
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plastic pallet up close

Ways to Reduce Expendable Packaging

Many companies struggle with the economic and environmental impacts of one- or limited-time use expendable packaging. As such,
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Heat, thermometer shows the temperature is hot in the sky

5 Tips to Prepare for Extreme Weather

Between floods, rainstorms, tornadoes, extreme heat, and more, it is important to have a plan for how your
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