What To Expect With A Global Rise In Materials Prices

Discussing costly material prices, recent supply shortages, and TriEnda’s actions to mitigate rising material costs.          

During the first two quarters of 2021, global supply chains have faced challenges with rising costs of material prices and supply shortages. At TriEnda, we’ve witnessed the change in costs and shortages like many other businesses.  While these changes can put a strain on supply chains, our processes and strong communication with customers has gone a long way to ensure we’re managing cost expectations and delivery schedules.

We discussed these challenges with our Vice President of Supply Chain Management, Sean Smith, to gain some deeper insights into this global issue and what he expects for the future.

Causes of Rising Material Costs            

When we spoke with Sean, he listed a few different causes for the rise in material prices we’ve seen:

  1. The COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. The Suez Canal Block
  3. The Recent Texas Freeze

All of these are playing a role in the challenges we’ve been working through, especially the ongoing pandemic. Sean stressed that they all tie into one major imbalance in supply and demand.

Back in March of 2020 when shutdowns began, certain industries completely shut their doors, while other businesses in industries deemed “essential” remained open and even prospered. Sean explained how a shift in supply and demand is leading to a lot of the issues occurring today. For example, take the microchip shortages. A sizeable percentage of the supply of microchips typically went to manufacturers in the automotive space to produce vehicles. But, when auto plants shutdown and people stayed in their homes, that supply didn’t stop instantly. In fact, the supply of microchips that was typically reserved for vehicle manufacturers went towards manufacturing video game consoles as people turned to those to keep themselves entertained at home. And now that auto makers are opening back up, they don’t have access to their typical supply of microchips that are now reserved for the high demand of videogame consoles, and thus their supply-chains are strained. The same principles of the shift in supply and demand has applied to many other materials across the globe.

Catastrophes like the Suez Canal blockage and the electric outages caused by cold temperatures in Texas also contributed to material price increases. 12% of global trade passes through the Suez Canal which includes 30% of all global container traffic. So, when the blockage occurred in March, it created a problematic domino effect within global supply chains.

The freezes in Texas were another unexpected catastrophe that are leading to material price increases. In Texas, there are many facilities that create the high-density polyethylene material that is used in the production of our thermoformed plastic pallets, and other plastic goods. Cold temperatures and the lack of preparation in the south led to power failures and the shutdowns of those plastic plants, which have a direct impact on businesses who rely on that plastic material like TriEnda.


Our Expectations Looking Ahead

Dealing with rising prices is challenging for our internal teams as well as our loyal customers. We do everything in our power to keep costs low for them, and it is understandable how price increases can steer businesses away from choosing to purchase plastic material handling solutions. After speaking with Sean, he made it clear that he sees some light at the end of the tunnel for material prices. Barring any more unforeseen catastrophes, Sean said that he expects to see a dip towards the norm for many material prices. We may not see pre-pandemic price levels, but they are expected to go down slightly as time goes on and more and more lockdown restrictions are lifted to allow for the production of more materials.

If you wish to dive into the world of custom thermoforming or are looking to convert your wood pallet options to reusable plastic ones, schedule a call with a member of our dedicated team today so that we can help you decide what’s right for your business!

TriEnda’s Quality Testing Processes and Certifications

Lab technician labeling item

Learn about our quality testing process and our certifications as a large thermoforming manufacturer.

For decades, TriEnda has led the way in developing material handling solutions and custom products for a variety of industries. It starts with our vertically integrated approach to manufacturing and is solidified by our commitment to our customers in providing the highest quality products and solutions we can.

Our commitment to quality leads the industry. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified plastic manufacturer that utilizes award winning processes and design solutions to create innovative and cost-effective products. And when it comes to testing, this is what sets us apart. First, we test our materials that come in each day to ensure they are up to standard for use on our production floor. Then, once we create a thermoformed material handling solution, that too undergoes rigorous testing so we can ensure your products get from A to B without any hiccups. We’ll touch on each of our certifications and the quality testing processes that we perform here at TriEnda.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

This certification is an international standard that specifics certain requirements businesses must satisfy within their quality management system. It is based on the plan-do-check methodology and ensures that we provide and follow our process-oriented approach. An organization that meets the ISO 9001:2015 standard shows they have the capabilities to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Learn more about the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 certification here.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

Our teams are Six Sigma Black Belt certified which means they’re versed in a set of tools and techniques to improve production processes, eliminate defects, and guarantee quality. The certification gives our teams the skillset to identify risks, errors, or defects in our processes and enables them to remove them. Organizations certified at the Six Sigma Black Belt level have a high-level of competence within the phases of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control as defined by the IASCC.

Green Belt Certification

The IASSC Green Belt Certification empowers our teams with the core and advanced elements of Lean Six Sigma Methodology. After receiving the certification, our associates understand how to implement, perform, interpret, and apply Lean Six Sigma at a high level. Organizations obtaining Green Belt Certification possess a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology, which ensure product designing capabilities.

TriEnda’s Quality Testing

The following tests we perform are used to gauge and control the quality of the materials we use, and the solutions we provide. All inbound material is tested by our Quality Control department as it arrives at the facility each day. Upon a completion and passing, the material gets approved for use in production

Melt Flow Rate Test

This test is used to determine the rate of extrusion for molten thermoplastic resins using an extrusion plastometer. The melt flow rate test is an important part to the quality checking process as it confirms that the incoming materials we receive are composed of the right resins. If a material undergoes this test and the results aren’t as expected, this confirms that an unknown material is in the sample.

Density Test

By utilizing a benchtop liquid density column, our teams can determine the density of solid plastics with this method. The density test confirms the quality and uniformity of incoming materials after their density is determined.

Hot Air Orientation Test

This method allows us to determine the degree of unrestrained linear thermal shrinkage at given specimen temperatures of plastic sheeting using a standard industrial oven. The hot air orientation test pinpoints certain temperatures that incoming materials will experience shrinkage before they are sent to production.

Impact Testing

Impact testing covers the determination of the impact resistance or toughness of rigid plastics by calculating the amount of energy absorbed during fracture. It is performed with a Gardner-SPI impact tester. This test is extremely important for us to perform as an industry leading provider of material handling products. By performing this test, we know that our pallets and other solutions withstand all the demands of the different industries we serve.

Materials testing and product performance testing are just a few of the material handling services we provide here at TriEnda. With a focus and commitment to quality, our teams can guarantee the performance of the custom packaging solutions we can design for your business. Contact us today to experience the TriEnda difference.

Explore the Green Advantages of Thermoforming

sustainability infographic

Learn why plastic pallets are not only more cost effective for your company but also the sustainable choice.

TriEnda always focuses on sustainability. Whether it is making our manufacturing process more efficient, creating environmentally friendly recycling systems, or showing possible customers the environmental benefits of using plastic versus wood pallets; we continually put environmental responsibility at the forefront of everything we do.

Take a look at all of the green advantages that thermoforming has to offer!



Interested in learning even more? Feel free to contact us to explore all the advantages that TriEnda’s thermoformed products and experienced team has to offer.

How to Choose the Right Pallet for Your Organization

pallet cart with boxes

Learn more about TriEnda’s distribution series of pallets to find the best solution for your organization.

With a multitude of shipping pallet options in the market, choosing the right pallet for your organization’s needs can be difficult. Luckily our distribution series of pallets is easy to understand and has the durable material handling solutions you’ve been looking for.  

Our Strong, Durable and Lightweight Shipping Pallet

TriEnda’s lightest weight pallet is the Economy. This strong, durable pallet may be lightweight, but it holds up to big projects. With a static rating of 1,500 pounds, this petite pallet packs a punch. If your organization is looking for a no-frills, cost efficient shipping solution, the Economy is the way to go.

small format pallet

Versatile Industrial Shipping Pallets

The next level of shipping pallets leads us to the Industrial. With two size options, lipped edge capabilities, and a high-profile version that fits with competitor models, this is the most versatile option in TriEnda’s arsenal. The regular Industrial pallet comes in both a 40 x 48-inch and 42 x 48-inch designs. Additionally, the 40 x 48-inch pallet has the unique capability of being created with lipped edges to make sure product remains securely in place during transport. No matter the model, these durable pallets support a static capacity of 2,500 pounds and will hold up to whatever you need to load them with.

Automotive Pallet

Thermoformed Heavy Duty Pallets

At the height of our pallet pyramid you will find the Heavy Duty pallet. This super star pallet has, quite literally, been engineered for performance. Used best in rugged, everyday industries like grocery, food service, and many more, this workhorse pallet sports ergonomic handholes and oval leg designs that are compatible with most nestable pallets in the market. The thermoformed manufacturing process makes this pallet durable in colder temperatures like freezer settings, which makes it more forgiving than similar injection molded products. With a reputation of outstanding performance in some of the largest grocer chains in the nation like Kroger and UNFI, we’re positive that the Heavy Duty pallet is ready for your organization.

Distribution Series Pallet

TruGrip™ Technology

Something all these pallets have in common is their TruGrip™ surface. This is an antiskid material unlike any other. With the highest coefficient of friction on the market today, it not only reduces loss of product but also helps keep your organization safe. The TruGrip™ material prevents slippage of boxes as well as slippage on fork tines or floors. The Distribution Series also uses the impact absorbing TriMax™ design to further protect your product and personnel. This means you can rest easy knowing your product and your warehouse staff are safe.  

TruGrip™ isn’t the only reason these pallets stand out though. With options like grommets, coditherm, stripe identification, custom logos or labels, and drain holes, this series of pallets truly has something for any need your business has. Made with recycled HDPE material, this thermoformed series also focuses on sustainability. Between TriEnda’s pallet buy back program, the long life of our plastic pallets, and the 100% reusable nature of our materials, these pallets are environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Our focus here at TriEnda is always on the customer, that’s why we have produced this series of pallets with our customers in mind. From the lightweight Economy and diverse Industrial, to the durable Heavy Duty, we have the right fit for every shipping need.

Didn’t see what you are looking for here? Contact us, we look forward to working with you to create custom solutions for any project! Stay tuned for a new product in the distribution series of pallets launching soon!

What to Look for in a Plastic Pallet Manufacturer

2 workers talking with hardhats on

Discover which traits are key when choosing a plastic pallet producer.

If you’re in the market for a new plastic pallet manufacturer or plastic pallet distributor, you will likely have questions about selecting the best one for your business. You want to be sure whatever company you partner with has quality products and is responsive to your questions and needs.

In search of a plastic pallet manufacturer or distributor, it’s important to keep these things in mind:

  • Commitment to quality
  • Custom solution capabilities
  • Focus on safety
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Dedicated team

When your product’s safety and security are on the line, it’s critical to ensure that you are choosing the right manufacturer for your shipping and storage needs. Read on to learn more about the qualities to look for when looking for a new plastic pallet manufacturer or distributor.

Commitment to quality

The products you’re shipping and storing are valuable, so you’ll want to protect them with a high-quality material handling solution. At TriEnda, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of products. Our plastic pallets are designed with durability in mind which means that the material is impact and weather-resistant, while also being sanitary and easy to clean. Our custom resin and vertical integration approach to manufacturing means you’ll receive the highest quality product possible, every time.

Custom solution capabilities

Every business’ needs are unique, so the products your plastic pallet manufacturer offers to you should be too. Our pallets are engineered and constructed for use in various industries including automotive, retail, and grocery. Need further customization? TriEnda is home to one of the largest in-house engineering teams in the industry. Our team of engineers are here to help design and create a plastic pallet solution according to your requirements. From load types and configurations to tailored designs for identification and tracking technologies, learn more about the custom design inputs we use to ensure the material handling solution you choose will meet your needs.

Focus on safety

From their manufacturing floor to your business, safety should be a top priority for the plastic pallet distributor you select. Look for a company that has ISO 9001 certification and is continuously focused on improving the safety of their manufacturing process. At TriEnda, we’re ISO 9001:2015 certified and are always looking out for our team’s safety. Our plastic pallets are also designed with your team’s safety in mind, built to nest and stack safely and, in some cases, prevent slippage with our TruGrip ™ technology. We have also developed solutions that include ergonomic handholes to help increase efficiency and safety for the end user.

Environmental responsibility

When it comes to plastic packaging solutions, look for a manufacturer who understands their responsibility to the environment, and strives to develop eco-friendly procedures and best practices. We are proud to be part of the Reusable Packaging Association and offer a pallet buy-back program to reuse and recycle old pallets. All the scrap and trim material that accumulate in our facility is recycled for reuse in production. Every day, half of the plastic sheeting we create is composed of reused materials from our in-house recycling efforts.

Dedicated team

Your plastic pallet manufacturer should be prepared to answer your questions and suggest solutions that meet your organization’s needs. At TriEnda, our team is ready to work with you on any sort of custom plastic pallet or material handling solution that best fit your product and business. Our team is passionate about the work they do, and we’d love to work with you.

Are you ready to discover why we are the right plastic pallet manufacturer and plastic pallet distributor for you? Contact our sales team online or give us a call today at 800.356.8150.

4 Things You Need to Know About Machine Tooling Repair

plastic pallet

Discover how our in-house machine tooling repair service works.

As a leading plastic pallet manufacturer, our in-house machine tooling repair service helps us maintain and repair your tools to ensure production-ready status. Look into what this service does, how it all works, who can benefit from it, and the advantages you can expect from machine tooling repair.

Our machine tooling services

Regularly updated and well-maintained tools are necessary to create custom material handling solutions. By using the latest technology, we can manipulate tooling in-house to meet your ever-changing needs.

We proudly offer the following machine tooling services:

• Machining: Shape tool into specified design
• Welding: Fuse tool for long-lasting results
• Fabrication: Custom tooling solutions
• Upgrades: Improve the current tool
• Modifications/Maintenance: Implement changes that improve tool performance
• Machine Tooling Repair: Mend any damage in the tool

We can form the tool’s gauge/material thickness anywhere from .060 inches to .450 inches, depending on your request. Contact us to learn more about the tooling services we provide.

Our machine tooling repair process

When you choose to take advantage of our in-house machine tooling repair services, you’ll find an unmatched consistency in what we do. We follow the same step-by-step process every time:

1. We start by going over the specifications of the tool.
2. We take note of the requested changes and ask for the CAD data and blueprints or drawings.
3. Once we have all the required information, we create a quote.
4. Upon your approval of the quote, we begin to generate parts for your review.
5. You have the option to provide a purchase order up-front or make the payment after the sample parts meet your satisfaction.

Our process is easy, accurate, and streamlined, so you can focus on what you do best.

Who can benefit from our machine tooling service?

If you already have tooling on-site at our facilities, we can easily make any adjustments required to meet your specifications. However, if you don’t currently have tooling on-site at our facilities, you can still utilize our services. Our team of engineers have developed a reverse engineering process that allows us to re-create any tool. Once the tool is re-created, we then keep it on hand which allows us to implement any future changes to welding, fabrication, upgrades, or modifications based on your needs.

What are the advantages of machine tooling repair?

When you move forward with our machine tooling service, you will also enjoy the following advantages:

• Easily upgrade tools to a new level
• Efficient repair of molds
• Maintenance and modification as needed
• On-site welding and fabrication
• Convenient access to our “one-stop-shop” for all product needs

We take great pride in our work, and it shows. At every step of the process, you can rest comfortably knowing that our talented teams will use the latest technologies and advancements to prepare your tooling for production. We are committed to quality and lead the way in the material handling industry and custom products.

As your needs continually shift, so does our product and service offering. You can count on us to provide the products and services you need to keep your supply chain running smoothly. Contact our sales team online or call 800.356.8150 today to learn more about how our machine tooling repair service can benefit your company.

Sustainable Material Handling Solutions and Tips

plastic pallet up close

Introduce greener practices with these sustainability-focused ideas for your facility.

reusable plastic crate

Every person and organization on our planet has a certain level of responsibility to implement the most sustainable practices and solutions to help preserve our natural resources. For us, this starts with engineering and manufacturing reusable plastic pallets and crates. By optimizing them for durability, they can last for up to 50 trips. When our products have reached the end of their useful life, we recycle them responsibly and reuse 100% of the material to make new products. Exploring the switch to sustainable plastic pallets and crates, as well as other sustainability-focused ideas for a greener operation can help your organization and planet in a myriad of ways including:
• Swap expendable packaging with reusable plastic pallets and crates
• Prioritize energy efficiency
• Reduce fuel consumption
• Consider waste management alternatives

Swap expendable packaging with reusable plastic pallets and crates

If you’re looking for ways to reduce expendable packaging, switching to reusable plastic pallets and crates is the first step. Doing so can help keep billions of tons of waste out of the already-overloaded recycling centers and landfills. We also offer a plastic pallet recycling program where we buy back your pallets and issue a credit toward a future order. Beyond environmental responsibility, plenty of additional benefits come with making the switch to sustainable material handling solutions, including:
• Increased durability and longer life
Reduced long-term costs
• Stackable pallets and crates allow for more containers on each load
• Nestable solutions require less storage square footage in your facility
• Better ergonomics reduce the risk of worker injury

While reusable plastic pallets and crates have a higher initial cost, they last much longer than wooden pallets. They are highly durable and can handle more turns than traditional shipping solutions. When you don’t need to order pallets or crates as often, your long-term savings directly benefits your bottom line.

Prioritize energy efficiency

In addition to using sustainable material handling solutions, you can also implement other green practices in your facility, such as prioritizing energy efficiency. When saving energy is a priority, simple changes can go a long way. Try these energy-saving tips at your facility:
• Use LED and natural lighting instead of traditional light sources
• Leave only critical equipment running when your operation is closed
• Power equipment back on in phases to avoid a drastic start-up energy spike
• Clean and maintain equipment regularly
• Optimize air compressors
• Audit HVAC equipment for efficiency
• Consider alternative energy sources
• Provide energy-efficiency training for employees

Reduce fuel consumption

Depending on the industry, fuel consumption can be an extraordinary drain on economic and environmental resources. If you’re concerned about optimizing fuel efficiency, reducing cost, and the environmental impact, this article contains 50 ways to reduce your fuel spend. From reducing idling times to ‘greening’ your fleet, there are many ways to lower fuel costs and their effect on the environment.

Consider waste management alternatives

Everyone has heard of “reduce, reuse, recycle” practices for home. However, many organizations can benefit from implementing these waste management practices at their facilities as well. When it comes to your material handling solutions, here are a few suggestions for implementing waste management alternatives at work:
• Reduce waste from expendable packaging by switching to reusable packaging
• Reuse material handling solutions, such as plastic pallets and crates, as many times as possible
• Recycle plastic pallets and crates when they’ve reached the end of their useful life

Beyond material handling solutions, you can look for ways to adopt the reduce-reuse-recycle strategy in other areas of your business, like recycling in your facilities.

We are the leading sustainable material handling solutions manufacturer in the industry. Contact our sales team online or call 800.356.8150 today to learn more about our reusable plastic pallets and crates that are eligible for our sustainable plastic pallet recycling program.

Quick Action Emergency Relief Products for Covid-19

hospital bed

hospital bed

Amid the global pandemic, we were called upon to meet an unprecedented challenge: the potential shortage of emergency hospital beds. By creating a strategic partnership with our sister brand, Penda, creating innovative design, and working for quick production Kruger Family Industries was able to deliver an affordable, durable Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed. Following the logical need for socially distanced and virus-safe spaces, we also created custom room dividers as a sanitary solution for disaster relief environments and businesses requiring safety barriers.

As the COVID-19 virus reached the United States and began to spread rapidly, national and global health officials came to a clear conclusion: without intervention, hospitals and health care facilities would face extreme shortages of critical supplies. This included protective gear, medical equipment, and hospital beds. As the number of infected patients rose, health care professionals raced to stock up in preparation for the worst-case scenarios modeled by public health experts.

Another challenge for many area businesses reopening after COVID-19 shutdowns centered on keeping their environments sanitary and patrons safely distanced. Restaurants, salons, and offices desperately sought out affordable solutions that would allow them to open for business while ensuring they abide by the necessary safety precautions.

After healthcare officials put out warnings of hospital bed shortages, we formed a critical partnership with our sister brand Penda, which is also part of parent company Kruger Family Industries (KFI). Acutely aware of the need for immediate action, our engineering and product development teams quickly got to work designing the new durable, cost-effective, easy-to-assemble Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed. Teaming up the expertise of both TriEnda and Penda enabled us to leverage our collective skills and knowledge to quickly assess the situation and find a strategic solution.

To improve comfort and safety in alternative care environments and other businesses, we also developed affordable, easy to assemble and install Custom Room Dividers. They offer a sanitary option for privacy not only in disaster relief environments and crowded care facilities, but also lend safe social distance barriers in barbershops, salons, restaurants, offices, and more.


Humanitarian bed

When accounting for the critical care environments in which emergency hospital relief beds and wall dividers would be used, our designers knew they had to focus on several essential factors including safety and durability, ease of assembly, comfort and safety, and affordability.

The Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed and Custom Wall Dividers are easy to sanitize and disinfect due to the smooth, simple-to-clean surfaces. The bed’s thick, 6” hospital-grade mattress has a removable plastic covering with a zipper. Crafted with strong HDPE surface areas and heavy-duty powder-coated steel frames, the relief beds are built to last. Sturdy extruded aluminum metal supports and HDPE walls provide long-lasting durability for room dividers as well.

During a health crisis, we knew it was essential that anyone on staff could complete a fast and easy setup of this product. Emergency hospital beds can be quickly assembled on-site in just a few minutes without using any tools or having specialized knowledge. Our engineering and quality teams have determined a single room with three standard walls can be set up and ready within 15 minutes using standard tools.

The emergency hospital bed product features multi-position back support up to 800 lbs to provide comfort and safety for every patient. Swing-arm side rails allow health care providers easy access to patients and a safety lock for patient security, as needed. Built-in IV bag stand placements and strategically placed handles make it easier to move beds around without the hassle of separate IV stands. Additionally, the bed’s height is ergonomically designed to better support the comfort of patients and health care workers.

Our emergency relief products are low-cost to remain accessible for most organizations. The beds and collapsible partitions can be nested and stacked to save space, and then, they can be quickly re-assembled and reused in case of future emergencies.

To date, we’ve shipped thousands of our emergency hospital beds to medical facilities across North America. We are also continually processing custom wall divider orders to serve other locations in the United States and overseas.

“Not only are we grateful to have items as useful as this as we plan for future surges in patients, but we are also so proud that it was created and manufactured in our very own town,” says Dr. Joshua Pogorelec, General Surgeon and Surgical Services Medical Director at Aspirus Divine Savior in Portage, WI, home to the TriEnda and Penda headquarters.

When nearly 150 beds arrived at Home Base Veteran and Family Care in Massachusetts, Senior Director of Development Dan Arkins said, “[I] Can’t believe how easy they were to assemble. Feedback from the clinical staff has been very positive. You guys have been great to work with.”

If you’re looking for affordable, durable solutions to protect the health and safety of patients, customers, and employees, choose TriEnda. High-quality, low-cost solutions like Emergency & Disaster Relief Beds and Custom Wall Partitions are in-stock and ready for immediate shipping. Contact our sales team online or call 800.356.8150 today to learn how we can support disaster relief efforts at your organization.

Dynamic Capacity in Packaging Solutions: A Make or Break Situation

tough pallet

With a multitude of shipping solutions in the market today choosing the right pallet for your product is imperative. Factors that go into such a decision include load capability, material, recyclable nature, and of course dynamic capacity.


Dynamic load capacity is the weight that a pallet can hold while in motion. Unlike it’s sister measurement, static capacity which is the weight a pallet can hold while still, this is difficult to test for because of the virtually unlimited amount of variables that one must take into account when testing for dynamic capacity. Variables that hinder the testing of this measurement can be the temperature of a space, what the product on the pallet is, how the product is stacked, what material is used for the wrap on the pallet, what kind of device is being used to move the pallet, the speed at which the pallet is being moved, and many more.

Due to these infinite variables that change from warehouse to warehouse, calculating the dynamic load capacity of any given pallet so that it is both factual and accurate for a multitude of customers is impossible. For that reason, there are no standards in the industry for calculating this measurement. Here at TriEnda we test in house as well as referring to third party testing facilities to assure that our measurements are accurate, unfortunately some organizations put out dynamic capacity ratings for their products that are not representative of the pallet’s actual load capacity.


Organizations that promise a dynamic load capacity for customers across the board are often not taking the multitude of variables discussed above into account. For instance, if a pallet supplier were to assure a customer that their pallet could handle 2,000 pounds while in motion that seems straight forward. However, with a deeper delve into their testing procedures you find that they have tested with sandbags, stacked in a brick formation, and moved with a forklift. You are moving a liquid product on this pallet, stacked in a column formation, and yours is moved on a conveyer belt. This means that the dynamic capacity they assured you the pallet could withstand isn’t accurate for your uses.

This doesn’t mean that a specific pallet couldn’t work for you though, if you are interested in the actual dynamic capacity for a pallet you already own or use look into the organization’s testing procedures. An organization that tests for dynamic capacity should have documented testing procedures that you can easily access to compare your product, movement method, warehouse, etc. with the ones that they used in the testing process. If the organization doesn’t have those materials on hand, use caution going forward and investigate a pallet manufacturer/supplier that is ready to discuss dynamic capacity for your specific uses.

While the dynamic capacity of our pallets is acceptable for the vast majority of uses, TriEnda has a team of engineers that are always ready for a challenge. Custom solutions are some of our favorite projects and we take pride in our work. This means that our engineering team can do a finite element analysis on any pallet to be sure that it will hold up to your uses. With both in house testing by our engineering and quality personnel and third-party testing facilities to verify our findings, TriEnda commits to supplying each customer with the product that works best for them.

In a market with so many options and so much on the line, knowing the dynamic capacity of your pallet is crucial. Whether your next step is verifying your pallet supplier’s testing procedures, looking into a new manufacturer, or working with our team here at TriEnda to create a custom packaging solution, knowing your pallet’s features can be the difference between a make or break situation.  


We’re Making Emergency Hospital Beds To Aid COVID-19 Efforts

hospital bed

We’ve joined forces to respond immediately to the global health crisis with a newly developed product offering: a low-cost and easily assembled Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed. These beds that can be used by healthcare facilities across the United States and the world, and we are on track to begin production in the coming days.

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